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The regular Mulund departed for the destination of CSMT Mumbai Local train caught me up in the car next to the first first class car towards CSMT which also had The helping panchayat in it.

I boarded the 11.06am fast train at 11.16am, earlier than usual. :p

People greeted me with fresh bone crunching massage & a lot coughs on the face. Also, there was a panel of the helping Panchayat who welcomed me with a speech guven to the people around saying, “Aane do bichaare ko! Jagaha banao bhaiya!”.

It’s a known fact that if people who drop out of the train at Ghatkopar are not given a passage, then you are also going down with them!

Running through the rush, stood up three ladies with 2 infants and 2 small kids. It seems that they thought they had to drop out at Kurla and when Kurla went off, these ladies couldn’t get down!

Now, the panchayat started their speeches.. Bichaare log ko jaane nahi diya. Unko utarne nahi mila. Inko ab Dadar utaaro. Dadar toh woh baaju aayega. Arey bhailog jagah banao, madamlog ko jaane do. Oye unko utarna hai bhai thoda toh insaniyat dikhao. Abey ladies log hai. Aho madam aap ko samajhna chaiye tha Ghatkopar aate hi uthjana tha. And before they could reply, the panchayat went on.

The helping panchayat
The helping panchayat


Dadar went off, still the panchayat did not stop & went on delivering their boundless speech.

Raised a voice in fury from behind, two men shouted, “Arey baba humko Byculla utarna hai.. woh log toh jagaha nahi mila karke udhar aake khade reh gaye. Aapne kaise aise hi thaan liya ki unko utarna hai? And unko bolneka mauka tak nahi de rahe. Itni hi seva karni hai toh jaao Army me jaake madat karo na. Bas khaali dikhava. Humko udhar se idhar aana pada aapko chup karne k liye! Pachayat bina kuch baat hi baat bana liye!” The ladies started laughing and the panchayat said, “Jagah karo inke liye.. agla station Byculla!”.

Getting down at CSMT is always easier, since I get a good sleep from Byculla to CSMT and freshness begins!

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