Jain Chilly Cheese Paratha: Recipes In Short

Jain Chilli Cheese Paratha

Jain Chilli Cheese Paratha

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Ingredients For Jain Chilly Cheese Paratha:-

• 1 ½ Cups whole wheat Flour
• 1 Cup Finely Chopped Capsicum
• 1 Cup Finely Chopped Green Chilli
• ½ Cup Grated Cheese
• 200 ml Milk
• Chilli Flakes
• Oregano
• 4 tbsp Cooking Oil
• 1/3 tsp Black Pepper Powder
• 2 tbsp All Purpose Flour
• 3 tbsp Butter
• Salt as required
Jain Chilli Cheese Paratha
Jain Chilli Cheese Paratha

The Steps To Follow:-

Step 1: Take a Wheat flour, add 2 tsp oil, a pinch of Salt, mix well and knead into semi-soft dough using water. Cover and keep aside for 15 mins.
Step 2: Meanwhile heat a pan, add oil, add Capsicum, and sprinkle salt. Saute for 1-2 mins.
Step 3: Heat butter in a large pan, add all purpose flour and stir it continously for 2 mins. Cook until Flour changes its color.
Step 4: Add milk. Keep Stirring vigorously to avoid lump.
Step 5: Add the sauted Capsicum, and black pepper and mix well.
Step 6: Cook for a minute and then sprinkle chilli flakes and oregano. Mix well till it becomes thick.
Step 7: Keep this stuffing aside for 10 mins so that it becomes thicker which will be used as stuffing.
Step 8: Now a handfull of dough roll it into a ball dust it with flour, and place it on chakla.
Step 9: Roll it outwards make it thinner and brush it with butter.
Step 10: Fold both the edges to the center, add the stuffing right in the centre and cove with the bottom half first, grease it with butter and then overlap it with upper half.
Step 11: Heat a griddle pan, apply oil with a brush and once it is hot gently place the stuffed Paratha on it.
Step 12: Apply oil and flip over.Once it has beautiful brown spots on both the sides it is ready to be served.
Step 13: Prepare the rest of the Parathas similarly.

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Nutritional Values:-

Calories: 956 kcal
Carbohydrates : 102 gm
Protein : 41 gm
Fat : 48 gm
Fiber : 7 gm
Vitamin A : 1018IU
Vitamin C : 3 mg
Calcium : 890 mg
Iron : 3 mg

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