How To Track Your Phone Which Is Lost Or Stolen?

Track Your Phone With This Tutorial Anytime, Anywhere

A Phone Is The Most Precious Thing To You & I Know How It Feels To Loose One Or If You Got It Stolen, Here Are Some Ways To Track Your Phone & Find It Back!
#Mandatory- Keep “GPS” ON ALWAYS!!

Below Are Steps To Avoid Your Phone From Permanent Theft.
Even If You Misplace It Somewhere Or If It Gets Lost/Theft..
You Can Track It!
Just Follow This!

1)Please Keep Your Phone GPS On. 24/7.
It Will Hardly Consume Any Battery!

2) Download, Install & Keep This On Your Phone:

“Find My Device” –

Then, Just Google Login & Keep.

3) In Case You Lose Your Phone, All You Need To Do Is Just Login To Your Gmail Account On This App & Check.. It Will Track Your Phone With Accurate Live Location. Plus Moreover, You Can Erase Your Phone’s Data & Lock The Phone Remotely.
If It Gets Lost Nearby, You Can Also Demand A Ring Of 5 Minutes Loud.

4) You Can Further Just Login To You Gmail Account & Then Just Go This Link.

This Will Show Your Timely Location Updates Into Units Of Every Half An Hour.
Eg. It Shows On 31st March 9.30am: You Were At Ghatkopar Then Next Half An Hour, You Were At Kurla..

So, If Your GPS Is On, The Device Would Be Easily Accurately Tracked!!

And Even If You Have IOS Or BB Or Windows Phone, Don’t Worry!
It Can Be Done Via PC Too..
Just Visit:

Login To Your Gmail Account & Then You Can Do The Same Operations As Mentioned In Above Steps!:)

Please Follow These Steps & Save Your Phone From Getting Lost, Even After Losing.
HOPE You Follow.
Learn & Spread The Joy!!

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