How to earn Money by uploading files?

How to earn money online, just by uploading any type of file that you feel will be useful to everyone & simply sharing it.

Want to earn money online, but ever wondered how? What is the process? how can you earn? well let’s find out..

This is simple!
Just upload your files and start earning! Confused, eh?

Let’s begin….

Just follow these easy steps:-

earn money
  1. First click on the link given below and fill all information and create account. 
  3. Create Your Account
  4. Now go to dashboard and you will see progress now its zero because its your first time to visit. Now click on three lines button, you will find at top. Click on add file option, fill the information related your file and upload your file and then the site will give you link of your file, Now share that link with your friends and earn money.
  5. The files can be of any type, your voice recording or the document that you created or a film that you shot or any function’s pictures that you shot or anything at all.
  6. This is how you earn money! 
  7. The concept behind this is that, if your file or content is useful for people over the internet and if they download your file, then you will be paid by the DLUpload team. With every download your file receives, you will receive certain amount, which will be reflected on your dashboard in realtime. This is pay per download program.
  8. Minimum Payout : $ 5 
  9. So, I hope you have now learnt, how to earn money online!

Enjoy! Earn Money & Do Share this post among your friends, family & colleagues & let everyone earn their dime!

If only I knew this earlier, I would have been a millionaire by now, eh?

You’re reaching there don’t worry!

P.S.: Do click on the link & then create account via that link only!

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