Eggless Mini Chocolate Cake: Recipes In Short

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Ingredients For Eggless Mini Chocolate Cake:-

• 1 packet any eggless chocolate cream biscuits • 1 glass Milk • Ghee for greasing

Eggless Mini Chocolate Brownies
Eggless Mini Chocolate Cakes

The Steps To Follow:-

Step 1: Crush all the biscuits in the mixer.
Step 2: Add ½ glass milk and stir well with a sturdy spoon.
Step 3: Add more milk if required to make the smooth consistency.
Step 4: Take appam pan and grease it with ghee.
Step 5: Pre-heat the appam pan for a min.Transfer the mixture into appam pan and cook for 4-5 mins.
Step 6: Remove the hot mini cakes with spoon from the appam pan.
Step 7: Mini chocolate cake is ready to serve.

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Nutritional Values:-

Value per piece
Calories: 153 cal
Carbohydrates : 13.2 gm
Protein : 2.7 gm
Fat : 11.9 gm

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