7 Things Hacks To Optimize Your Phone’s Usage!

Wanna Get More Out Of Your Phone?? Read This…

Hello Guys!!
This One Is To Show You How To Optimize Your Phone’s Usage & Some Tips & Tricks To Well Maintain It!

1. When You Buy Any Phone, Make Sure That You Always Use The Initial Battery (Which Normally Comes Pre-Charged By 60%) To 0%, Until It Switches Itself Off.
Then, While Switched Off, Remove The Sim & Micro-Sd Card (If Supports One :p ) And Keep Your Phone On Charging For Until Its Shows 100% + Charge About 30 Minutes Extra.

Result: This Will Increase, Enhance, Improvise Your Battery Life For Lifetime By Almost 15-20%.

2. Donot Panic If Your Phone Gets Heated Up.
It Usually Takes Upto 3 Weeks Maximum Or So.. For A Phone To Get Compatible To Use. Usage Differs From Person To Person, Like Some May Use The Phone, Just For Calling, While Some May Use The Camera Most Of Times, Or Some Geeks Like Me, Would Totally Suck The Juice Out Of It..
So, Its Recommended, Not To Panic For Initial 2-3weeks & Let The Phone Set The Use According To Your Usage.

It’ ll Cool Down After A While Of Usage.

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Wait.. It’s Getting improvised..Yeah Right!

3. “No Phone Has A Scratch-Proof Protection Glass”. I Mean It!
Better Get A Tempered Glass, If Not Locally, Buy Online. If You Can Afford 20K Worth Phone, You Gotta Protect It With An Extra 300-400Rs. Anyhow..
A Strong Recommendation.
This Will Also Smoothen Your Feel Over Your Touch On Phone.
P.S: Its Fingerprint-Catcher… Might Annoy Some….
But Ultimately, It’s The Best Solution For Screen Protection.

4. Don’t Let The Battery Of Your Phone Reach 0% Or Even 5%. Charge It As Soon As It Reaches 15% Or Below.

You Might Interested To Have A Look At Our YouTube Channel, Where We Explain These Hacks & Fixes :

5. Phone Usage Below 15% Makes It Hazardous To Use, Especially While Calling, Since The Battery Is Low, The Signals Around Try To Get Battery During That Period & Battery Being Low, The Phone Starts Getting Heated.. Which May Result In Some Serious Hazards. So, Better Keep The Phone Battery Above 15% Atleast Always!

6. Try Avoiding The Phone Usage While Calling Directly Naked To Ears. Recommended That You Use Earphones. If Not, Then Keep The Phone Atleast At A Minimum Distance Of 2cm. Approx From Ears. The Waves Are Very Hazardous & Causes Carcinogenic Impacts.

Many Men, Love To Keep Their Phones Near Their Heart. This Will Really Lose Your Heart One Day! I Mean It!!
The Signals & Waves, Around The Phone, May Block The Palpitation Of Your Heart. Moreover, People Prone To Heart Attacks, Will Get One, Really Sooner Than Usual.
Plus, If You Keep The Phone On Vibration, Then Nothing Worse Than Anything Would Get.. For Your Heart!

These Were Some Do’s & Don’ts And Tips Tricks To Enhance Your Phone Usage.
HOPE You Follow.
Learn & Spread The Joy!:)

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